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I'm brazilian.
Working at
RD Station.

Fully remote.

Graduated in Architecture at PUCRS in 2005 I've been working with internet since 2004 when I founded my old studio called Zee. During this time I have worked with over 500 projects and a pleasure to have clients such as RBS, XP Investimentos, Editora Abril, UFRGS, Panvel, Dafiti, Printi among a lot of startups.

Also for a long time I used to spend some extra hours on an old side project called Openjobs and as a writer and contributor on Abduzeedo.

Today, after almost 20 years in this loop, I work with design as part of the company's strategy, with the constant challenge of thinking about people, improving the product experience and the result must be directly related to business metrics.

Other than work? Well, I like to surf and enjoy life at the beautiful Garopaba with my wife and my 3 boys Bento, Martín and Caetano.

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