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Fabiano Meneghetti is a designer with over 20 years of experience. Currently
Design Lead @Clubbi

For all those years I have gathered experience and expertise in the field of design, enabling me to work across the whole design process. With a degree in Architecture, I embarked on my journey in the digital realm back in 2004, co-founding my own studio, Zee. Over the years, I have successfully completed more than 500 projects, working with clients such as RD StationRBS, XP Investimentos, Editora Abril, UFRGS, Panvel, Dafiti, Printi and various innovative startups.

For seven years, I had the privilege of being part of the RD Station team, where I have taken on various roles and responsibilities. I initially joined as a product designer, contributing to several squads. Then as a design evangelist at RD Station, I embraced the opportunity to advocate for the importance of design within the organization and beyond. I fostered a culture of design thinking, encouraging cross-functional collaboration and highlighting the value of user-centered design in driving business success.


After that I worked at Birdie, building a product and working deeply with AI as the core of the company. 

Today I lead the design area at Clubbi, working on a business with the purpose of empowering small merchants.

For me, design is not just about aesthetics; it is a constant challenge to improve user experience with beauty and cater to the needs of people. With over two decades of experience in this dynamic industry, I believe that design should be an integral part of a company's overall strategy.

While design occupies a significant portion of my professional life, I also make it a priority to nurture personal interests. I find inspiration in the beauty of Garopaba, where I reside with my wife and three wonderful boys, Bento, Martín, and Caetano.


And because of that I enjoy discussing the relationship between kids and technology based on several years of working, studying, and living in that world. This allows me to strike a balance between work and personal life, fueling my creativity and enabling me to bring fresh perspectives to every project.


I guide early-stage startups to recognize the true value of design, integrating it seamlessly into the product development process.


As a hands-on professional, I specialize in crafting beautiful and functional solutions.


I enjoy helping designers grow in their careers, offering guidance from tactical to strategic aspects.

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